Where’s JoJo?

Total Divas was taking her out of training so she went to NXT so she could spend more time training to be one the best she can be.

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“I hope WWE has JoJo perform at Summerslam again, She has such a beautiful voice!”

I hope WWE has JoJo perform at Summerslam again, She has such a beautiful voice!”

He would have gotten a bigger reaction if that girl was actual JoJo.




I’d rather see Jojo out there singing

Top 10 - Models turned into WWE Divas

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It seemed like from the beginning that the WWE did not know what they wanted to do with JoJo Offerman. She was a fresh faced, beautiful young diva, and she seemed to be popular enough with fans. 

They introduced JoJo to the WWE Universe with the E! Reality TV show, Total Divas. She seemed to have a great fan reaction, but for some reason, she didn’t last past the first season of the hit reality show. 
But that was ok. JoJo didn’t get discouraged, she decided to make the best of it, and took this whole WWE Diva thing seriously. She wanted to be more than just a model to fill a spot on some reality show that was on before or after Keeping Up With The Kardashians. She wanted to actually be a WWE Diva.
So she went to WWE’s developmental territory, NXT to train and really become an actual Diva, and not just another pretty face.
JoJo trained hard, and soon enough she was a part of the NXT tapings, starting out as an announcer, then as a competitor.
She had countless match after match and her fair share of losses, as well as her fair share of wins. But she always had heart and was a great competitor. She never complained. 
And soon enough she got a title shot against Charlotte, and she won the NXT Women’s title. It was a huge moment for JoJo- it was the moment she knew all her hard work paid off. And she was very proud of herself. And the fans were too.
Nobody hated JoJo- except maybe the firey red headed Eva Marie. But Eva Marie, everyone knew all the hate she spewed came from jealousy.
One night Raw was having the NXT champions come out and all that stuff to get some main roster exposure. JoJo included. It was a huge deal for her.
And as soon as Eva Marie caught wind of it, she planned on giving JoJo some serious crap, in typical Eva Marie style.
JoJo came out during one of the Diva segments, much to the dislike of Eva Marie, in particular.
"I’ve been on the main roster longer than you have been in developmental. How does it feel to be stuck in developmental?" Eva mocks, flips jer crimson hair and gets a boo from the crowd.
"At least when I’ll be on the main roster, it’s because I earned my spot there. Everything I do is because I earned it. I don’t want things wrongfully handed to me. It’s not my style." JoJo states, and the crowd all cheers in agreement.
"But I’m on the main roster, and you are not! And I’m still on Total Divas!"
"Eva, I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but like I just said, I want to earn my place in this business. Do you know how many girls in NXT and in the Independent scene would kill for your spot here? Eva, you’ve done nothing but look good for the camera."
"But I’m still on Total Divas…"
"Oh, about that, I’ll be making my return next season." JoJo states, and walks off, with a huge cheer from the crowd.
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